Job opportunities at Rumah Sakit Umum Wiradadi Husada
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RSU Wiradadi Husada Sokaraja originally started from the General Practice Dr. dr. N. Husein Amrah, later developed into a Public Clinic and Specialist held by a Foundation named AMRAH Foundation established under the Deed of May 6, 1997 in Purwokerto. The foundation is chaired by dr. N. Husein Amrah Sp.B. In 2001, the General and Specialist Clinic changed its name to Maternity Hospital and Wiradadi Husada Clinic, then on March 17, 2003 changed to Wiradadi Husada Special Hospital based on Temporary Permit for Hospital Establishment issued by Central Java Provincial Health Office. 503/4025/2009 / 5.2.

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